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About Us
Rising Research Journal Publication is a platform for young researcher to contact scientist and pioneer institution through their research potential. The motto of our journal is creating a clear picture on the quality work of research articles and publish throughout global. Our journal receives the articles and peer reviewed by editorial board and also outside reviewer. We are planning to improve our quality and supply to the national library's at free of cost. We are publishing following journals.
  • Global Journal of Modern Biology and Technology(GJMBT)
  • Global Journal of Arts and Management(GJAM)
  • Global Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences(GJEAS)
  • Global Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Computational Science(GJMECS)
  • Global Journal of Pharma and Medicine(GJPM)

Main Features

  • Fast and free evaluation
  • No subscription required for publication of a manuscript
  • Processing cost will be due only after accepting manuscript
  • Immediate publication on the net
  • Online status enquiry
  • Online submission
  • A copy of the journal and 5 reprints with printed covers would be provided to the correspondent author
  • Increased journal usage
  • Wide spread of contents through search engines